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Standings - EGDL

(Quick Notes:  To get the overall selection of a specific person, just go by round number, subtract one, multiply by 8, then count down.  For example, if you were the third pick in round 21, 8 times 20 = 160.  160 + 3 = 163.

----- Round 1 -----
  Alex Ovech> Sentenal
  resevoir d> Lee
        Ioth> supa-fly
     Spartan> bold
        BoBa> Hydrogen1
     Blahhy.> QUICK STRIKE
      Ligaya> Spike
      Forcer> suicide knight
----- Round 2 -----
      Forcer> come!
      Ligaya> trance
     Blahhy.> GRID
        BoBa> Dazz
     Spartan> sponger
        Ioth> BOGmeduser
  resevoir d> element_sun
  Alex Ovech> taught
----- Round 3 -----
  Alex Ovech> crispy
  resevoir d> EuRa
        Ioth> jordan
     Spartan> tek
        BoBa> pointwhore
     Blahhy.> Otaku!
      Ligaya> Kinglee
      Forcer> monty!
----- Round 4 -----
      Forcer> rico
      Ligaya> Knitex
     Blahhy.> Endangered
        BoBa> rushmore
     Spartan> Monke
        Ioth> king
  resevoir d> wabbai
  Alex Ovech> kryp
----- Round 5 -----
  Alex Ovech> AQB
  resevoir d> isr
        Ioth> h4b
     Spartan> entomber
        BoBa> pure1
     Blahhy.> MCI
      Ligaya> Feiyin
      Forcer> whazzupdude
----- Round 6 -----
      Forcer> joomis
      Ligaya> Juls
     Blahhy.> Shane 
        BoBa> gunslinger
     Spartan> zig
        Ioth> sole
  resevoir d> buh
  Alex Ovech> blood line
----- Round 7 -----
  Alex Ovech> ios
  resevoir d> darkknight25
        Ioth> scan
     Spartan> jammu
        BoBa> ssd
     Blahhy.> barbar
      Ligaya> whale
      Forcer> dragon
----- Round 8 -----
      Forcer> ham ham
      Ligaya> Black boy
  Quick Stri> Rookster
        BoBa> yoshi
     Spartan> Fireign
        Ioth> s e a
  resevoir d> GAZ
  Alex Ovech> 37
----- Round 9 -----
  Alex Ovech> chino
  resevoir d> ryknow
        Ioth> cig smoke
     Spartan> rough sex
        BoBa> ironstrike
     Blahhy.> MANGO
      Ligaya> ronch
      Forcer> xilion
----- Round 10 -----
      Forcer> pekinho
      Ligaya> lawsuit
     Blahhy.> Cedex
        BoBa> Tox
     Spartan> darren
        Ioth> xpy
  resevoir d> fate*
  Alex Ovech> lagger
----- Round 11 -----
  Alex Ovech> Harland
  resevoir d> 3raser
        Ioth> herbz
     Spartan> crazed
        BoBa> video
     Blahhy.> Centi
      Ligaya> Anke
      Forcer> Chicken
----- Round 12 -----
      Forcer> Ronan
      Ligaya> BattleBox
     Blahhy.> Bacon
        BoBa> Nyla
     Spartan> Kitty
        Ioth> Flyingfinn
  resevoir d> Tou
  Alex Ovech> Wimpleader
----- Round 13 -----
  Alex Ovech> ths
  resevoir d> terminator17.5
        Ioth> Air.
     Spartan> orangeeoz
        BoBa> Riot!
     Blahhy.> JTRAUMA
      Ligaya> time2try
      Forcer> hypo
----- Round 14 -----
      Forcer> t.h.c.
      Ligaya> deva
     Blahhy.> H20
        BoBa> xcell
     Spartan> lunatik
        Ioth> beerman
  resevoir d> babaloo
  Alex Ovech> blazed assassin
----- Round 15 -----
  Alex Ovech> pacino
  resevoir d> bomblining
        Ioth> zeker
     Spartan> Pendulam
        BoBa> nerd
     Blahhy.> Dopie
      Ligaya> fuz
      Forcer> nocive
----- Round 16 -----
      Forcer> agro
      Ligaya> smiling demon
     Blahhy.> xyoming
        BoBa> owens
     Spartan> wiggly & jiggly
        Ioth> raymster
  resevoir d> redone
  Alex Ovech> german
----- Round 17 -----
  Alex Ovech> factor
  resevoir d> wewe
        Ioth> vaal
     Spartan> grip
        BoBa> renegade
     Blahhy.> Boink
      Ligaya> musik
      Forcer> pepe
----- Round 18 -----
      Forcer> kyoro
      Ligaya> prozaker
     Blahhy.> situation
        BoBa> minister
     Spartan> jugulate
        Ioth> fletch
  resevoir d> special
  Alex Ovech> pants
----- Round 19 -----
  Alex Ovech> spliffton
  resevoir d> ethane
        Ioth> kankarou
     Spartan> trillseeka
   Hydrogen1> aelderon
     Blahhy.> Fiya
      Ligaya> seoul
      Forcer> hiiri!
----- Round 20 -----
      Forcer> bung!
      Ligaya> d roc
     Blahhy.> O.C.B.
   Hydrogen1> inspra
     Spartan> Zappp
        Ioth> tongue
  resevoir d> fei
  Alex Ovech> tmike
----- Round 21 -----
  Alex Ovech> azzaz
  resevoir d> anya
        Ioth> necra
     Spartan> young master
   Hydrogen1> extra ball
     Blahhy.> shc
      Ligaya> ycw
      Forcer> swedish girl
----- Round 22 -----
      Forcer> rajon
      Ligaya> angerfist
     Blahhy.> kute
   Hydrogen1> karhu^
     Spartan> vicodus
        Ioth> rover
  resevoir d> log
  Alex Ovech> Schwapper
----- Round 23 -----
  Alex Ovech> boogyman
  resevoir d> f8lnme
        Ioth> daily
     Spartan> faelyn
   Hydrogen1> lexeo
     Blahhy.> Adammo
      Ligaya> Argon
      Forcer> sele
----- Round 24 -----
      Forcer> maol
      Ligaya> mitey
     Blahhy.> Mr Shoe
   Hydrogen1> g3m
     Spartan> dicas
        Ioth> joshy
  resevoir d> nunnnez
  Alex Ovech> b4m
----- Round 25 -----
  Alex Ovech> driv
  resevoir d> pyro force
        Ioth> baba
     Spartan> smuncky
   Hydrogen1> senjacky
     Blahhy.> elshorty
      Ligaya> Noizer
      Forcer> azuma
----- Round 26 -----
      Forcer> clownie
      Ligaya> mischif
     Blahhy.> blowitup
   Hydrogen1> johnson
     Spartan> woahman57
        Ioth> diceman
  resevoir d> kancer
  Alex Ovech> numb
----- Round 27 -----
  Alex Ovech> syntax
  resevoir d> mracy
        Ioth> boknows
     Spartan> DBTACDC
   Hydrogen1> outlaw
     Blahhy.> RiVaLrY
      Ligaya> solotion
      Forcer> kwen
----- Round 28 -----
      Forcer> cronet
      Ligaya> mercedes
     Blahhy.> CAB
   Hydrogen1> black
     Spartan> defense
        Ioth> shake
  resevoir d> tempo+
  Alex Ovech> romeo
----- Round 29 -----
  Alex Ovech> rebel
  resevoir d> synthesist
        Ioth> corvin
     Spartan> demokillerz
   Hydrogen1> beany
     Blahhy.> APOPHIS
      Ligaya> odium
      Forcer> quiz
----- Round 30 -----
      Forcer> ah dealer
       SPIKE> Alfaromeo
     Blahhy.> white knight
   Hydrogen1> omega red
     Spartan> b0w
        Ioth> rabbit!
  resevoir d> poem zx
  Alex Ovech> oXzc.!
----- Round 31 -----
  Alex Ovech> Toad
  resevoir d> extension
        Ioth> tade
     Spartan> lounger
   Hydrogen1> grass
     Blahhy.> suicide
      Ligaya> qwee
      Forcer> forged
----- Round 32 -----
      Forcer> rocke
      Ligaya> netban
     Blahhy.> Q DISC
   Hydrogen1> mist*
     Spartan> leftie
        Ioth> kraven
  resevoir d> spritz
  Alex Ovech> cabes
----- Round 33 -----
    sentenal> guap
  resevoir d> saikik
        Ioth> wagon
     Spartan> stinkyfoot
   Hydrogen1> subliminal
         mci> u s e
       SPIKE> pharm
      Forcer> karth
----- Round 34 -----
      Forcer> ware372
       SPIKE> Jaxen
         mci> Stretchy
   Hydrogen1> famous
     Spartan> leraldo
        Ioth> viper-slayer
  resevoir d> JEXTER
    sentenal> froot
----- Round 35 -----
    sentenal> ytr
  resevoir d> sschick
        Ioth> rai
     Spartan> geekgrrl
   Hydrogen1> chynezeboy
         mci> jrt
      Ligaya> x711
      Forcer> thegrassyknoll
----- Round 36 -----
      Forcer> trifighter
      Ligaya> Perception
         mci> ECHO
   Hydrogen1> veneration x
     Spartan> suppup
        Ioth> laggore
  resevoir d> dreamcatcher
    sentenal> dcshoe
----- Round 37 -----
    sentenal> eksman
  resevoir d> d-anus
        Ioth> pezjunkee
     Spartan> notloc
   Hydrogen1> lone_wolf
         mci> Skyedaemon
      Ligaya> Phenomenon
      Forcer> xiphias
----- Round 38 -----
      Forcer> dark age
      Ligaya> optimal
         mci> Rogi
   Hydrogen1> arch mage
     Spartan> ropp
        Ioth> Mr Peeperz
  resevoir d> Luda
    sentenal> leet^



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